As an organizer of vegan food tours, we want to give people an unforgettable and tasty day out. We don’t just do that. All guides and employees of Vegan Food Tour Utrecht have a great love for good food, all animals and the planet. Based on that passion, we hope to inspire tour participants to make animal and planet-friendly choices more often.

Our mission

With the tours of Vegan Food Tour Utrecht we want to introduce people to veganism in a positive way and thereby contribute to accelerating the transition to a sustainable and animal-friendly food system.

Our vision

The tours of Vegan Food Tour Utrecht are the most fun sustainable and fastest growing group activity in the Netherlands and have inspired hundreds of participants to choose an animal-friendly diet.

Everything is possible

After reading this page, do you think: “I know a foundation or organization with people who could use such a tour”? Crazy! We are always open to ideas and tips. So grab your digital pen and contact us via the contact form. Of course you can also call! You can contact guide Patrick on 0644217999.

That’s how we do it

Do you want to help reach even more people with our special tours and inspiring story? That’s possible! Individuals and companies can help by donating an amount or sponsoring a complete social tour. Do you have another idea about how you can make our social tours even more fun? We would like to hear from you. Email or call us!