Meet the guides of Vegan Food Tour Utrecht. They talk with passion and enthusiasm about veganism, good food, inspiring entrepreneurs and their love for Utrecht. Thanks to their infectious enthusiasm, you will go home with a head full of inspiration and a belly full of delicious food.


This purebred Utrechtian loves cake, cakes and pastries. To eat as well as to bake herself. Her vegan lemon mooncake is almost as delicious as the one from bakery Kluts. She also loves dancing, running and working out. Tessa likes to show that vegans can also lift heavy things. As a fundraiser for ProVeg, she knows better than anyone the benefits of plant-based eating. With her radiant smile, she takes you on a tour of vegan Utrecht and enjoys the mix of enthusiasm and amazement when people taste how delicious plant-based food can be.


She does not have her passion for taste and good food from a stranger: Ellis’ father is a chef. As a graduate food innovator, she is concerned with the impact of food. At home, she experiments with it. Kombucha, beer, kimchi; you’ll find it in Ellis’ kitchen. During her tours, she enjoys talking about innovative entrepreneurs who love good food as much as she does. A top combination! Don’t let her sweet smile throw you off. This lady has muscles! When she’s not hanging from a climbing wall, she’s facing a punching pad with her boxing gloves.


Luc is all smiles. After a tour with this topper, you will go home with at least as big a smile. As a guide, he shares his unbridled passion for veganism and good food with anyone who will listen. All this knowledge does not come to him by chance. Luc is founder of as many as three vegan student associations. Wow! Talk about uninhibited passion. When Luc has his running shoes on, he is unstoppable. Running 50 kilometers? That’s a vegan egg for this top athlete. And all on 100% plant power!


Meet Sanne, one of the first guides. Her vision for the earth is clear: everyone should go 100% plant-based! As a guide, she is doing her bit for the transition. Sanne is passionate about health, sports, nature, adventure and sustainability. She loves cooking, is always on the lookout for vegan hotspots and inspires others about following a sustainable lifestyle. What better way to do that than with a vegan food tour? Sanne thoroughly enjoys all the “mmmm”‘s and “oehhhh”‘s and happily raises here glass smiling at the end of the tour!


Talking about veganism gives Daisy wings. Cauliflower wings, that is. Daisy believes wings that someone else has to fly with are not for us to eat. Walking through her favourite city, she talks enthusiastically about sustainability, her animal-friendly lifestyle and about the most beautiful places in Utrecht. From the Dom tower to the infinity poem, Daisy’s enthusiasm is contagious. Oh no! She might accidentally be showing you one of the snacks you get during the tour in this photo. Book a ticket and find out for yourself!


Look at him smile, the former king of the famous Dutch kebab dish called ‘a hairdresser’. He organised parties where only ‘schnitzels the size of doormats’ were allowed. Today Patrick’s choices are very different. With a big smile on his face, a good sense of humour and a lot of enthusiasm, he explains who he was: a former meat eater who could never become a vegan. And who he is now; the example that everyone can change. Veganism is not a limitation, but enriches your daily life, according to Patrick. Now his plate is filled with love and what he eats is more tasty then ever. He shares his life story with you, while walking trough Uuuuuu!