For every ticket we sell, we put 1 euro into a fund for organizing social tours. These are vegan food tours that we offer for free to people who would otherwise not easily book a ticket. This is how we make social impact together.

For everyone

As part of our mission and vision, we want to introduce everyone to veganism in a positive way. By ‘everyone’ we really mean everyone! We realize that a ticket of 60 euros is too expensive for many people. But also that there are people who cannot or do not want to join our regular tours for other reasons. That is why we save 1 euro from every ticket sold to organize social tours. Especially for all those people we would not otherwise reach.


Our social tours are intended for people who would otherwise not easily participate in our food tours. Think of lonely elderly people, blind and partially sighted people, new Dutch residents, food bank customers and much more. With your ticket you make it possible to give these people such a great afternoon. In collaboration with our partners, we ensure that these unique tours are inclusive and that all locations are accessible to everyone.

Tip us!

After reading this page, do you think: “I know a foundation or organization with people who could use such a tour”? Crazy! We are always open to ideas and tips. So grab your digital pen and contact us via the contact form. Of course you can also call! You can contact guide Patrick on 0644217999.

I want to help

Do you want to help reach even more people with our special tours and inspiring story? That’s possible! Individuals and companies can help by donating an amount or sponsoring a complete social tour. Do you have another idea about how you can make our social tours even more fun? We would like to hear from you. Email or call us!