Vegan Food Tour Amsterdam!

The Vegan Food Tour is now coming to Amsterdam! Like our tours in Utrecht, it will be a tour for everyone. You will be taken through the city’s coolest plant-based restaurants, bakeries and cafes, where you will be served all kinds of delicious sweet and savory snacks.

Our fun guides will tell you what you eat, share stories about Amsterdam and take you inside the ambitions of inspiring entrepreneurs. In addition, we show how anyone can quickly make a positive impact on climate, animal welfare and health in an accessible way.

You won’t soon forget the Vegan Food Tour Amsterdam. Amsterdam residents and visitors alike see the capital of the Netherlands through new glasses. Stay tuned for more information about the start date and how to book by signing up for our mailing list at the bottom of this page.

In short, prepare for a tasty, educational and inspiring experience in the heart of Amsterdam!